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Palmerston Island, Cook Islands

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Response from a reader (2)

Created on Saturday, 12 October 2013 22:45 Published on Saturday, 12 October 2013 22:45 Hits: 1335

March 20, 2011 at 3:45 AM

Kia orana,
My name is Tiare Eliu and I am the neice of the above blogger Aunty Mareta. She is the youngest sister of my mum Merion.
I noticed that you mentioned on the Marsters Family Tree website that you spoke to the last remaining grandchild of William Marster, Ann. I just want to confirm that, Ann is not the last grandchild. My grandmother Marioni and her brother Pastor John Tuapikepike Marsters are also grandchildren of William Marsters who are still alive today. They are the children of the Mama Kaiei and Papa Rapahua Carryme Kare Marsters. At a family meeting we had Pastor John did tell us that he and my grandmother were the last grandchildren of William Marsters and once they were gone that generation would have ended and the generation of great-grandchildren will continue and so forth. He went on to share stories about his grandfather William and his father Carryme that I believe is relevant to the history of the William Marsters dynasty. There were actualy 3 of them left but my granduncle Repaio Marsters passed away last month. So if you manage to find anymore grandchildren of William Marster it would be good to gather information from that generation before its gone. 
In my family I am the 5th generation of William Marsters. It is;
1. William Marsters & Mama Tepou
(my great great-grandparents)
2. Rapahua Carryme Kare & Kaiei Marsters
(my great grandparents)
3. Marioni Marster-Upokomanu & Tukua Upokomanu
(my grandparents)
4. Merion & Upokoina Eliu
(my parents)
5. Tetiare Eliu (myself)
I also have children which would make their line the 6th generation from William Marsters and Im sure will continue to grow.

Lastly, I would just like to thank you for all your hardwork and research into this ever-increasing family of ours and I look forward to more information you may gather on your journey into family historys. Once again thank you.
Na te Atua koe e tiaki!
Kia Orana e Kia Manuia!.


Thank you Tiare for sharing your story. All these contributions add to the history of an ever-growing family all connected together by this one man. And what's more our connections are not just limited to the South Pacific. There are Marsters families world-wide, and what is so great about our family is that we still want to remain connected.