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Palmerston Island, Cook Islands

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The Palmerston section

Published on Sunday, 03 November 2013 21:53 Hits: 1336

Category: Our Project

For those who do not live on Rarotonga, and are not aware of the section we are talking about for our meeting house, here are some photographs to give you an idea of what we are looking at. 

Palmerston section looking from roadside to the Pukapuka Hostel   Palmerston section from the Pukapuka Hostel side to the Aotearoa Hostel

The section is very conveniently placed opposite the entrance National Auditorium and in the past has been used as a parking area when there has been a major event on at the auditorium. 

The left picture was taken from the road side looking towards the Pukapuka Hostel site where they are building hostel units for students who come to Rarotonga for studies.

The right picture is taken from the Pukapuka Hostel side and is looking towards the opposite side at the Aotearoa Hostel.

The section is about a quarter of an acre and the building will also require installation and connection to a septic tank and a large water tank (or two).