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Palmerston Meeting - 1 Dec 2013 - Rarotonga

Published on Monday, 02 December 2013 19:03 Hits: 1628

Category: Our Project

The Old HouseMinutes of the meeting of the Marsters Family

Held at Linda Vavia’s, 1 December 2013, 4pm

 Attended by: Joan G, Mariana P, Linda V, Nane H , Maureen H, Anne F, Liam H, Kayla N, Arthur N, Richard Pokoina, Tutu Pokoina; William P, Tom (TomTom) & Tuaine M

 Apologies: Tony J, Marie M

Meeting was opened and closed with a prayer by Arthur


Agenda items for this meeting:

1.     -  To get an update on the boundary line between Aotearoa and Palmerston sections (William)
- Feedback on designs for the building - further ideas?
-  Fundraising ideas
-  Updates on progress from others centres (meetings, fundraising, etc)

 Matters discussed:


A Marsters World Facebook comment from a family member was raised as a discussion item. From this comment, the meeting agreed that we need to regain the confidence of the people of Palmerston and work to make this project a success.  Decisions made by this committee included:

a.      Any matters relating to the previous Board with regards to their collection and use of funds and any other matters relating to the Palmerston meeting house are to be directed to the members of the original Board.

b.      Family members who donated funds towards the project at an earlier time should contact the person to whom these funds were made so that they can be assured that their donation is still intact and can be directed towards the building fund.

c.       The committee agreed with TomTom’s motion to dissolve the current Board. We will check with lawyer Ross Holmes as to how this should be done. We cannot build on the section without legal authorisation.  A new constitution will be established.

d.      The administrators of the legal entity will be the Board, but decisions about the management of the project and fundraising activities will be made by the committee of family members who attend the meetings on Rarotonga, in collaboration with family groups from other centres.

In Auckland, there are two accounts which are in the hands of Auntie Ere’s lawyer. One holds the donations from family members whose names are recorded, and the other holds the additional fundraising that was done by family members over the years. It was known that there were similar fundraising accounts set up in Hamilton and Wellington. Rotorua family members joined up with Auckland. We are unsure about Australian family groups.


 2.       REPORTS

·         TomTom has asked if each working person from Palmerston could donate $50 to the Opening of the Pukapuka Hostel reconstruction project. which will be held this Friday 6 Dec 2013. Money can be given or sent to Anne by Thursday, and Arthur - the Palmerston Island Secretary - will present it at the opening ceremony. All family members are invited to attend.

·         TomTom also raised the Commonwealth Games Baton that is circulating around the island on Thursday and Friday. On Friday it will arrive at Kakirori (outside Mama Twin’s house) and will be carried by Palmerston people from  Mama Twin’s to Punanga Nui Market. All those interested in participating should be at the house on Friday 6th December between 12.30 and 2pm which is when the outer islands have the baton from the Nikao seawall to Punanga Nui. Arthur is coordinating the Palmerston participants.

·         Arthur reported on the French film crew who visited Palmerston in September  to interview family members about William Marsters. They had been to Raiatea and visited Marsters families there, then came by yacht to Rarotonga where they interviewed TomTom and Maureen before going on to Palmerston. The agreement is that the family can get a copy of the eventual documentary that is made.

·         Mariana was recently interviewed by Rachel Hendery, an Australian PhD student who is working on a linguistics study. Rachel agreed to give a copy of the recording to Mariana. The copies of the documentary and Mariana’s recording of her Palmerston poems could be fundraisers for the building project.


·         The Rarotonga committee discussed the suggestions from the Wellington committee. All the ideas discussed about the “hostel” concept have been covered in the past by the local committee. Being the ones on the island and in charge of the building and its maintenance, we would prefer a smaller building where the central open space can be used mainly for meetings, and on the odd occasion as a hostel space for short term stays. All cleaning up can be done by the users. A contribution can be made towards the cost of electricity etc.

·         Some recommendations made the committee about the concept design include:

-          A concrete base, including the verandah.  Inside floor will be tiled.
-          Solar heating
-          Water tanks - underneath the building with a header tank which can be filled when required
-          Septic tank, with eco-friendly toilets
-          Open cathedral style ceiling, lined under the roofing for noise reduction, and fans.
-          Kitchen and the bathroom facilities at opposite ends of the hall
-          Storage areas (for tables, chairs and mattresses if required)
-          Lockable pantry in the kitchen for storing any kitchen equipment and stores
-          Wide verandah around the outside of the building

Brent and William to put forward some floorplan designs to distribute to family for comments.


The next meeting of the family committee will be held Sunday 19 January 2014 at Linda’s.



Things to be done

By whom

By when


Donations towards the PUKAPUKA HOSTEL opening on Friday 6 Dec 2013, 4pm, to Anne Fisher by Thursday  - to be presented by Arthur at the ceremony

All working Palmerston members

Thursday Dec 5


COMMONWEALTH BATON - want to participate? be at Mama Twin’s in Kakirori by 12.30pm on Friday 6 Dec 2013.

Anyone from Palmerston - Arthur coordinating participants

Friday Dec 6


The SURVEY of the boundary line between the Palmerston and Aotearoa sections be confirmed by survey pegs. The costs of the survey are to be shared by Aotearoa and Palmerston.




FLOORPLAN designs to put to the family

a)      Brent to get the one from Auntie Ere

b)      William to draw up a plan incorporating our ideas

Brent and William




a) Palmerston Day - possibly around April 2014

-          Food sales - Atukura?

b) Fundraising Concert of Palmerston and other entertainers (could be a separate event)

c) T-shirt for Palmerston Day - for family and for sale

(with hostel design on it?)

d) Residency certificate for Palmerston - as a fundraiser (in return for donations)

e) reprint of the Masters genealogy brochure?


Lynda in charge - will organise a committee of helpers - please volunteer