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Palmerston AGM - 12 Feb 2014 - Rarotonga

Published on Friday, 14 February 2014 19:04 Hits: 2719

Category: Our Project

Annual General Meeting of the Palmerston Families

Held at the Pukapuka Hall, Avarua, Rarotonga, 12 February 2014, 7pm

Apologies Received: Tom (Temu) Marsters, Joan Gragg, Marie Melvin, Arthur Neale, Dick Marsters.

Decisions made:

1.  The new Board of Trustees will oversee the building of the Palmerston Meeting House on the parcel of land containing 1287 square metres, and being part of Puaau Part Section 161, Avarua, Rarotonga and being part of the land assigned within the outer island hostel compound.
2. The new Board elected by the 28 members of the Palmerston families who attended the meeting on February 12, 2014 at the Pukapuka Hostel, Avarua, now consists of: 

Maureen Hilyard (Chair), Consultant of Rarotonga

Annie Fisher (Treasurer), Manager of Rarotonga

Nane Holmes (Secretary), Administrator of Rarotonga

Linda Vavia (Board Member), Director of Rarotonga,

Jon Jonassen (Board Member), Academic  of Rarotonga

3. The signatories of the Westpac Bank Palmerston Hostel Operating Account will be the Chair, Treasurer and Secretary of the new Board of Trustees.  Two signatories will be required for any Board cheque.

4. The newly appointed Board members will be required to observe the legal requirements of a new TRUST DEED and a new DEED OF LEASE for the Palmerston section of land.

5.  Constitution Committee: to be led by the Board Chair, Maureen Hilyard, and consist of the Board of Trustees.  Any other volunteers welcome.  This committee will produce a Constitution for the Palmerston Meeting House Board of Trustees.

6. Building Design Committee: to be led by William Powell, assisted by Vaopaaki Tearatoa.  Any other volunteers welcome. A formal design of the building (with specs) will be organised for the next meeting (March 12).

7. The Fundraising Committee: to be led by Linda Vavia and Annie Fisher (Treasurer), assisted by any other volunteers.  Movie tickets for the film premier  of Spiderman 2 on April 17 (2 sessions) are available from Linda.

8. Property Management committee: to be led by the Board Chair until someone else volunteers, to look after the section - lawn maintenance, build a kikau hut for the workers, etc.

9. Next meeting: Weds March 12, 2014. Venue TBC

Family members present:

Ahkim Manuka,  Alice Marsters,  Annie Fisher, Apollina Dean,  James C Heather,  Jim Marsters, Jimmy (Temu Marsters), Katarina Neale, Linda Vavia, Marianna Powell, Marion (Tupou) Heather, Mary Taira Tom,  Maureen Hilyard, Ngatepaeru Marsters, Ngariki Marsters, Nia Marsters,  Nuki Beazley, Rere Matara, Raroua Hewett, Richard Matara, Suku Marsters, Taepae Marsters, Teina (Dick) Marsters, Teupoko Vaerua, Tom Marsters, Tungane Holmes,  Vaopaaki Tearetoa, William Powell. (28)

(Heather Webber-Aitu and Rangi Aitu, Electoral officers)


1. Meeting opened with a prayer by Jimmy Temu Marsters

2. Welcome by the former Board Chair, Queen’s Representative, Tom Marsters

                * important that we all come together to benefit our people

* thanks for those who have been involved over the years - leadership and support of Rena    

   Jonassen (dec) and Linda Vavia for holding family meetings at her house

                * the Palmerston section was one of the first to be granted, but the last to be built on

                * the original concept was to be a home for the Marsters family on Rarotonga.

                * we need to move on from the old committee to a new committee and Board.

                * Tom offered to step down from Chairmanship but offered continued support

                * all activities related to the building of the meeting house should go through the Board

3. Elections - coordinated by Heather Webber-Aitu. Members duly elected. Nominations put forward in writing and from the floor. Election by a show of hands.  All present were able to vote. People spoke from the floor to endorse nominations.  Linda encouraged everyone to support the Board.

4. Concept plan  of the meeting house was introduced - some suggestions were made from the floor - disability access, mosquito screens, solar panels.

5. Treasurer’s report by Annie Fisher

a.       Previous Board’s Palmerston Island Hostel account : $20.58

b.      Palmerston Island Fundraising Account:  $12,922.22 (investment account, next maturity date is 9 March, 2014)

c.       Cash in hand: $250.

d.      Money collected by the Palmerston Family for donation to Pukapukua Hostel: $650.

6. Fundraising activities introduced by Linda Vavia

a. Film Premiere, April 17. If we sell 520 tickets (2 sessions), we earn $5200. $2000 will be returned to the Empire theatre. Profit $3200. After tonight’s meeting, tickets were distributed to family members to sell.

b. Palmerston Day - food and entertainment provided by Palmerston Islanders (a suggestion that we will develop during the year)

c. Ambrose Golf tournament, or similar event (?)

7. Meeting closed with a prayer by Taepae Marsters.


Thanks to everyone for coming along and supporting our efforts.