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Palmerston Island, Cook Islands

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Minutes of Rarotonga Family Meeting - 8 June 2014

Published on Monday, 09 June 2014 18:11 Hits: 1286

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Minutes of the Palmerston Building Project Board and Family meeting

Held at Linda’s, Tutakimoa, Rarotonga, 8 June 2014, 4pm


Attended by: Annie (B),  Nane H (B), Maureen H (B), William P, Marianna P, Joan G, Marie M, Tony & Lloyd Jamieson

Apologies Received:   Linda Vavia (B), Apollina Dean, Tom & Lorraine, Rere & Richard, Nooroa Tuoro.



1.       Correspondence from Jancey Browne re call for a new Board.

2.       Acknowledge calls for new Board from the former Chair of the Board

3.       Proposed Fundraising event - Palmerston Fish for sale - cooked and frozen



1.       Family members were given two weeks written notice in the CINews of this meeting. 

2.       Meeting opened with a prayer by William

3.       The former Board Chair, Tom Marsters, received a letter of resignation from Jancey Browne, former Board member. The family meeting received Jancey’s letter and acknowledged her request for the former Board Chair to call a family meeting to elect a new Board. Moved Joan Gragg, seconded Mariana Powell. All in favour. Motion passed.

4.       The family meeting acknowledged the calling and chairing of the family meeting held on 12 February 2014 by the former Board Chair, Tom Marsters, as his support for the election of a new Board to coordinate the construction of a Palmerston Island Meeting House.  It was also noted by family members that at the inauguration celebration organised by his Palmerston family which was attended by over 200 people, Tom publicly announced that “Maureen [is to] call a meeting and elect a new Palmerston Board”.  Moved Annie Fisher, seconded Marie Melvin. All in favour. Motion passed.

5.       The meeting directed the Board to ask one of its members to step down from the Board because he has not attended any family meetings since his election in February. Moved William, seconded Lloyd. All in favour.  Motion passed. 


a.       Original date  (Friday 13 June) changed to Friday 20 June - a pay week

b.      Apologies from Maureen - will be overseas 13-30 June.

c.       TASKS TO DO :

                                                               i.      Joanto check with Linda and George that the Bowling Club will be available on the 20th

                                                             ii.      Smoked Fish - Williamto create a large smoker, Nane and Annieto create the marinade - Fish will be smoked on the Thursday before the sales day - fish will be weighed, wrapped in paper and put into plastic bag on the day. Charged per kilo ($20).  Everyoneto bring plastic bags.

                                                            iii.      BBQed fish - (not parrot fish) to be served straight onto the plate on the day. To be served with kinaki ($10) (Donations gratefully accepted early in the morning - rice, coleslaw, salad, taro, etc).  Tin foil?  WHOSE BBQ?

                                                           iv.      Lemons - Marieto bring

                                                             v.      Raffle - Prize: 10 parrot fish. 100 tickets (2 raffles if there is enough interest in a second raffle).  $5 per ticket, or three for $10. Annieto get raffle tickets

                                                           vi.      Media coverage

1.       Tonywill focus on the radio and community social media page

2.        Anniewill do a brief TV news item

3.       Naneto put an advert in the classifieds on Weds before.

                                                          vii.      Signage required for the day - to direct people to the Bowling Club (Annie?)

                                                        viii.      Chillibins - bring them along to store the whole fish for sale at the Bowling Club (anyone?)



·         Lloyd raised the possibility of a commemoration stamp to celebrate 150 years since William Marsters landed on Palmerston Island.  Any revenue we can get could go towards Palmerston meeting house costs. Maureento look into what is required from the Philatelic bureau.

·         Another idea was a stamp to celebrate 60 years since the island was vested in the Marsters family of Palmerston.

·         Joan reminded us of providing an online  Certificate to acknowledge any donations provided to the Building Fund. The Certificate would represent a “visitor’s permit” acknowledging their contribution to our project should they wish to visit the island.

·         Maureen raised a discussion she had with Alexis Wolfgramm. The family meeting were very interested  in any possibility of a film about William Marsters and his arrival on Palmerston. 

·         Before Linda goes to Glasgow to represent the Cook Islands Commonwealth Games Bowling team, the family decided that if she has some spare time, we might have a pot luck dinner for her. Date, time and place to be confirmed.


Maureen Hilyard

Board Chair