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Palmerston Island, Cook Islands

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Marsters Family Fundraising

Published on Saturday, 02 August 2014 19:35 Hits: 1273

Category: Our Project

The Marsters Family are all joining together to fundraise for our building project. The activities are small scale but are an opportunity for the family to create a reason to get together and to work constructively for a common purpose. Everyone's efforts are much appreciated. If you are holding an event, please take a photo and let us all share in your activities. 

3. July 2014 - Auckland Family Garage Sale. Another opportunity to get the family together. There were a lot of bargains for sale and the children seemed to have had a good time. We've got to get the young people involved. Thanks to Kelly for setting up the Palmerston Hostel fundraising Facebook page as well as the Garage Sale page.

Auckland Garage Sale - July 2014 

2. June 2014 - Pamate Fish Sales - Avarua. This would not have been possible without the support of our family on Palmerston who sent over several bags of fish so that we could sell cooked fish. As you can see it was popular. Again thanks to our faithful helpers and to those who  came and bought a delicious lunch.

Delicious Pamate Fish for sale - June 2014

1. April 2014 - Spiderman III. The Cook Islands team held a film premier at the local Avarua theatre and provided a cake stall for break times. Many thanks for the donations of time and cakes and to everyone who came to the move to watch the film and to help out.

Film Premier cake stall - Avarua