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Palmerston Meeting - 27 July - Auckland

Published on Tuesday, 09 September 2014 04:03 Hits: 1330

Category: Our Project

- 12 Heyford Close Mangere - 27 July 2014

Present: Aaron & Katie Marsters, Teina Tikaroa, Nga Marsters, Nuki Beazley, Martha Pritchard, Nano Takai, Melissa Marsters, Mikaere Heihei

Apologies: Maryann Tohu, Kylie Williams, Wally Marsters, Kelly Marsters, Tau Marsters, Marama Takai, Sonia Marsters, Keepa Marsters, Lia Maiava, Aunty Anita Marsters

Pur'e: Mikaere Heihei

Minutes from Last Meeting: 28 June 2014 @ 77 Line Road Glen Innes 
Moved: Martha - 2nd Nano Takai

Treasurers Report: Balance $530:00
$80 still to come in from Nga & Nuki's niece

Matters Arising / General Business:

• Securing South Auckland Venue for History Night - unanimous as majority of families out Southside - passed unanimously

• Guest Speakers: Stella Neale, Maureen Hilyard (confirmed), Aunty Tete (Nuki to see) Aunty Ere (Nga to see) Uncle Mark Marsters & Eddie Marsters (Martha to see). Working around Maureen Hilyard to secure a date for the History Night - (01 November 2014 - 7pm to Late ) confirmed later in our meeting after deliberation with Maureen during our Meeting..
• After deliberating on costs for History Night we were unamimous with Teina's $35 per head, $15 for 5yrs - 15yrs & Under 5 free - Moved Katie Marsters - 2nd Nano Takai. Inclusive of Refreshments ( Menu to be confirmed by Teina/Martha), Entertainment, History speeches.

• Promotional Materials: - Lineage tags, T Shirts (Nga to follow up), Family Tree Banners( 4 families), Geneology Forms (Martha to follow up) 531 PI.

• Garage Sale: 13 Fenton Street, Papatoetoe - 0730am to 12noon - Kelly Marsters already advertised on Facebook 

Meeting Closed 1510pm -

Closing Prayer by Katie Marsters 

Next Meeting: Sunday 31 August 2014