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Palmerston Island, Cook Islands

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Minutes of Rarotonga Family Meeting - 14 Sept 2014

Published on Saturday, 20 September 2014 14:45 Hits: 1216

Category: Our Project

Minutes of the Palmerston Building Project Board and Family meeting

Held at Linda’s, Tutakimoa, Rarotonga, 14 Sept 2014, 4pm


Attended by: Nane H (B), Maureen H (B), Linda Vavia (B), William P, Marianna P, Joan G, Marie M, Lloyd, Louise, Liz & Tony Jamieson,

Apologies Received:   Apollina Dean, Nooroa Tuoro, Annie Fisher (B)



1.       Treasurer’s Report : Palmerston Fish Day proceeds and what to do with the left over fish.

2.       Action items from last meeting

3.       Fundraising suggestions

4.       AOB



1.      Palmerston Fish Day - Annie reports net income of $578.50 from sale of 3 bags of fish from Palmerston . 2 bags remain.  We now have $3433.60 in our operating account. 

Decision:  Because there is apparently no fish on the island at the moment, the remaining two bags of fish were delivered to Linda’s after the meeting to be sorted out into packs and will be offered for sale firstly to Bowling Club personnel (as thanks for the use of their facility for our Fish Day) and then if any remains, to the Palace takeaway.  The aim will be to make at least $200 profit from each bag of fish, as per the Fish Day sales.


2.      Action items from the last meeting


i) Cook Islands Philatelic Bureau and  Coins -

Action item: Maureen to follow up regarding possible stamp to commemorate Palmerston’s 150 years since William Marsters landed on Palmerston in 1863.


ii) Mariana’s poetry on CD. Mariana has given her permission to film and record her poetry reading as a fundraiser for the hostel

Action item: Maureento  check on the cost of filming and recording of a quality product for sale


iii) History of William Marsters’  life on Palmerston – Maureen requested a retraction from the Gloucester Echo of the article with John Robert’s incorrect history of Palmerston.  The Echo has printed Maureen’s correct version.  Notification to the family of this correction has been well received by family members on Facebook. The letter to the Editor of the Gloucester Echo is on the William Marsters website. http://www.williamrmarsters.com


3.  Fundraising Ideas


Decision: it is important to keep up the momentum of information for family members, and to continue to raise the profile of our fundraising activity, by using Kelly Marsters’Palmerston Hostel Fundraising FB page.  Any event will be recorded on this page. 

Action item: Liz and others to promote any events as they happen.


Other fundraising or information ideas for Facebook or website includes:


Action / Event

Action by:

Lucky School newsletter information

Kat Neale

A day in the life of… (people on the island)

Arthur Neale

A weekly blog describing her impressions of the island (about 100 words)

Rose Clark

Any findings by researchers who have studied Palmerston and its dialect? We want to record these before they get lost.  Any contact details? For example, Takiora Ingram

Nane Holmes

Check on what information Gerald McCormick might have about Palmerston - particularly recordings

Joan Gragg

Check for any audio recordings about anything about Palmerston in the Mormon archives ?

Arthur Neale

Any old photos that can be scanned and contributed to our archives? With names and dates if at all possible


A monthly blog (about 100 words) about life on Palmerston (or about being a member of the Marsters clan) for the Facebook page.  This could be a regular contribution and can be done from anywhere in the world J (for Facebooks and website)

Jon Jonassen


A monthly blog (about 100 words) - stories about growing up on Palmerston - a regular contribution can be done from anywhere in the world J (for Facebook and website)

QR, Tom Marsters

A board game based on Palmerston (mobile app?)  Any gamers out there?


Souvenirs (any really good ideas out there for Palmerston based souvenir items? And where we can purchase quality products?)


DONATIONS - Some family members would like to make donations to the hostel ($100 per individual  - all donations will be listed on the website as acknowledgement of receipt). Payments can be made via paypal by NZ participants into a NZ account - set up by Auckland Family group specifically for donations from anywhere.  

Maureen and Nga to work on  setting up NZ account.

Family History - Lloyd updated us on his findings about Joel (son of William I) and where he is buried on Aitutaki, and also about Ann (Matron). They were  apparently both leprosy victims but recovered.

Lloyd Jamieson




While Nga is here on Rarotonga, to update us all about Auckland events - past, present and future. 

Sunday 28 September, @ 4pm @ Linda’s.  (Linda will be away for 3 months on Mitiaro).


Thank you all for a really enjoyable meeting.  J

Maureen Hilyard

Board Chair