William R. Marsters

Palmerston Island, Cook Islands

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Photo Gallery

William Marsters
Photos of the family of William Richard Marsters of Palmerston Island.

Genealogy Chart

web vn of Wiilam&Marama
Click here for the genealogical chart of the children and grandchildren of William Marsters. 

Richard Masters

web vn of AEJ and her grandmother
Stories of the family that William left behind in England where he was born Richard Masters. 

Our Project

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Help us build a meeting house for the People of Palmerston on Rarotonga.

Site News Click Me

Hi everyone

It has been some time since any updated information was put online about this, but it is still happening. Families on Rarotonga, as well as in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Taranaki and Hawkes Bay have been to achieve a successful output - the construction of a meeting house for the people of Palmerston at Takamoa on Rarotonga. It will be called Are Pamati (Palmerston House). There are also fundraising groups in Australia and who knows where else. Lets go for it and get this building up for our Pamati family to use.

There is a separate Facebook page for their fundraising efforts. Keep in touch with it to find out how you might be able to make contact with the organisers, as well as with other members of the family. Check out the following Facebook page:

AKL Palmerston House-Are Pamati Fundraising