William R. Marsters

Palmerston Island, Cook Islands

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Travellers to Palmerston 2004

Palmerston Island lies 270 miles north west of Rarotonga, the main island of the Cook Islands. I visited the island’s one school in 2004 in my capacity as Distance Education Manager with the Ministry of Education. I was accompanied by my grandson Liam, my cousin Eddie Marsters, and other family members - Brent Fisher, his son Daniel and his niece, Rachelle Harvey.  
We arrived in beautiful weather after two and a half days of travel on the ‘Bounty Bay’. As well as working at the school I was able to meet several members of the Marsters family who live permanently on the island. 


Surviving on Bird Islet

On the weekend,   Brent and Eddie decided we could take the children to Bird Islet, the habitat of the bosun bird - an island delicacy. After arriving on the islet, the guys decided to go fishing so that Rachelle, Jane and I were able to have some quality R&R time.

Brent and Eddie caught a shark in their net which caused a bit of excitement for the youngsters. Sharks are apparently quite numerous in the lagoon but not considered dangerous—not that I wanted to test their theory. Mealtimes on the island always include fish (and rice) but the different varieties and ways of preparation made up for the regular fare. 

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Published on Tuesday, 15 October 2013 07:23