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Photo Gallery – England

Steven and Jacqui Hughes, Coventry.

I was very privileged to spend some time with Steven and his family in Coventry. Steven is the great grandson of Ann Elizabeth Masters Granger, the daughter of Richard Masters/William Marsters. Steven and Jacqui took me to churches and graveyards where there were family members buried, and also where they might have been. It was hours of searching for which I was very grateful.  The writing box which has been passed down from Ann Elizabeth is now with Steven’s eldest daughter.  The photographs  of Ann Elizabeth and her grandmother, Ann, are an absolute treasure. I believe it may have been taken on her wedding day as she proudly shows off her wedding ring. Ann Masters died the following year.

Researching for The Masters of Walcote, Leicestershire

I was very fortunate to have inherited the services of Bev Digger from Coventry, who was a family historian, from Gerald McCormack of Rarotonga who had spent years looking for information about William Marsters. He was quite willing for me to take over the search.

After meeting Bev, I also made contact with Val Howard who was a family member. She was descended from Richard’s uncle  Joseph – his father’s brother.  Des Masters who was one of my most eager researchers, took me to several places of note, and introduced me to Kath Green, who grew up in Walcote.  Des is also descended from  Richard’s uncle Joseph though his father, and also from William. through his mother. So he was a Masters from both sides of the family.

Des had found the headstone of Richard’s youngest brother Joel who had died of rheumatic fever at the age of 12. Just after his brother’s death, Richard returned home with his young daughter. Having just experienced their tragedy, I suspect they were only too happy to take in their little grand-daughter whose mother’s name was Sarah.  However, I also suspect that they never forgave him for deserting his pregnant wife, Charlotte (Farmer) even though he may not have wedded her willingly. Their son was named after his father, John, yet none of his children to Sarah in the Cook Islands was called John.

Most of my visits around Leicester were to the towns and villages that his parents and their families came from.