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The Masters of Walcote – the book

The book is being made available online. Any hard copies can still be requested by email to hilyard@oyster.net.ck.  Thank you for all those family members (and non-family members) who have purchased a copy.  They cost NZ$50 plus postage. We have found NZ$5 will cover the cost of sending a book around NZ, but NZD25 is the minimum to cover overseas costs.

Here is the black and white eBook version in four sections.

Section 1 is pp 1-50 – click here.

It consists of :
Chapter One : Introduction
Chapter Two : William Marsters of Palmerston Island
Chapter Three:  Richard Masters of Walcote, Leicestershire

Section 2 is pp 51- 81 – click here

It consists of:
Chapter Four: John and Ann Masters
Chapter Five: The Armston family from Twyford

Section 3 is pp 81-100 – click here

It consists of :
Chapter Six: The Masters family from Arnesby
Chapter Seven: From Arnesby to Walcote

Section 4 is pp101-152 – click here

It consists of :
Chapter Eight: Other Masters families living in Walcote  from 1951-1901
Appendix One: Island Reminiscences – a pearl shelling enterprise
Appendix Two: Research Records


Masters of Walcote, Leicestershire, England

Some people have said that they found following the generations and families a little difficult in the Walcote book. It my not be obvious but there is a system whereby I tried to make it easier to follow.

Part One contains some formal research by John Burland which was found by Gerald McCormack who had even met Burland, although I don’t think he got a warm reception.  Between Gerald and the Cook Islands Library, it was decided that I could use one chapter of the work. I selected the one that is in the Walcote book because Burland asked about the wives. It is seldom that women, as wives of the key character, are ever mentioned.

Part Two then looks at Richard Masters (alias William Marsters) and looks at his life and relationships. There is a copy of the marriage entry  at St Leonard’s, as well as some enquiries into who was Ann Elizabeth’s mother Sarah. The section ends with an overview of  Ann Elizabeth’s life.

Part Three is about Richard/William’s parents and their families,

Part Four is about his grandparents and other families living in Walcote.