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Palmerston Island, Cook Islands

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Marsters Family Meeting - 19 Oct 2013 - Wellington

Published on Sunday, 20 October 2013 13:32 Hits: 1770

Category: Our Project

Meeting at Cook Islands Society Hall, Wellington, 19 October 2013

Apologies: Mareta Marsters,

Present: Wally Marsters, Grace Hutton (minute taker), Caroline Hutton



To establish communication networks

·         To encourage more participation of family members

·         To get feedback on the building the family would like: uses, design, working groups, fundraising


Communication – to start a FaceBook page called Pamati Hostel fundraising group;

-          to build up a emails database and to build up a phone database,

-          To contact Kau Firth-Marsters, Tepaeru Raea, Caroline,

-          To ask Appolina Dean for any email addresses of Marsters in Wellington we can add to the database

-          To include Teinano Hutton and Tom Hutton, who live in Australia but can give feedback, ideas and donations


Fundraising ideas:

·         Teinano Hutton has made a quilt she is happy to raffle for Wellington fundraising. She is coming to NZ in February for three weeks and will bring it with her. If she can photograph it when finished so we can start selling tickets in January and draw the winning number before she leaves. Maybe look at getting other sponsored prizes to add so make the tickets easier to sell – 2nd and 3rd or more prizes

 ·         Sell T-shirts and other merchandise – Mareta Marsters

 ·         Consider asking for a donation of $50 per family member if possible or per family if they can’t afford it.

 ·         Open up a bank account for the Wellington Pamati  fundraising group

 ·         To ensure that each sub committee/fundraising group continues to fundraise a certain amount each year to make sure that mortgage and interest rates are covered.  


Design of hall


- The design of a structure such as the old house in Palmerston would make a wonderful home but it is not big enough for a hostel.

 - The hostel structure needs to be big enough at the beginning so that it can be self –funding for the future. We also think that the accommodation part of the hostel needs to cover the cost of infrastructure such as electricity, water, cleaning, maintenance and a caretaker.

- We consider that there should also be a hall for big functions, large group meetings, weddings, funerals etc., and this part needs to be separate from an accommodation block.   

 The accommodation block should include separate rooms some with ensuite, single and double size rooms and a large dormitory room.  Occupants of these accommodation rooms would use either the male or the female communal shower/toilet block.

- Our belief is that it is best for the future to build a hostel as you want it to be in 20 years time, “do it once do it properly”.  Once it is up then the running costs should be able to be covered by the accommodation costs and the rental side of the large hall.

 - We also discussed and would like more information about solar panels for heating water and electricity, compostable toilets, recycling bins, building materials and their costs from NZ, Australia, US. Using all available research should ensure that the Pamati hostel building will be as “Green” as possible, e.g. insulation so can limit the use of AC, collecting rainwater for showering and gardens, solar panels as above, etc.

 Next meeting: week of the 10th December