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Palmerston Meeting - 19 January 2014 - Rarotonga

Published on Tuesday, 21 January 2014 06:45 Hits: 1703

Category: Our Project

Minutes of the meeting of the Marsters Family

Held at Linda Vavia’s, Tutakimoa, Rarotonga, 19 January 2014, 4pm

Attended by: Maureen H, William P, Linda V, Walter M, Arthur N, Nane H

Apologies Received: Marie M, Joan G, Annie F, Mariana P


Agenda items for this meeting:

1.       An update on the boundary between Aotearoa and Palmerston sections (William)

2.       Feedback on designs for the building (William)

3.       Process for the selection and election of new Board members

4.       Thanks to everyone.

 Matters discussed:

1.       BOUNDARY:  William has identified the boundary pegs between the two sections and will notify Aotearoa Hostel personnel. He has used a survey map which was drawn up by surveyor Ken Tiro who donated the map as his contribution towards the Palmerston project. Thank you Ken.


2.       BUILDING DESIGN:   The committee discussed the design of the building as presented by William. Some recommendations were made by the committee and William will finalise these and get back to us at our next meeting

3.       PROCESS FOR THE SELECTION AND ELECTION OF NEW BOARD MEMBERS: the committee agreed on the following process by which to elect new Board members whose purpose will be to build the hostel. It was decided that Board elections will be held every two years. Because this Board will be the core to the Building committee, they must be resident on the island and be prepared to drive fundraising and project completion efforts.  Voters must be present at the AGM. There will not be email voting.

3a. Reason for electing a new Board of Trustees

  • The upcoming election has been authorised by the Chairman of the former Board of Trustees, Queen’s Rep, Tom Marsters (minuted at 1 December meeting – Moving Forward, 1c)
  • The decision was made following reference to Section 23.2 of the Trust Deed, 2003, p13.  Because the Board has not met since 2007, it was decided that the Board members had ceased to hold their assigned position of office holder and were deemed to have resigned as a Trustee of the original Trust.

3b. Notification of the Annual General Meeting

  • An  AGM  will be held  on   Weds, 12 February, 7pm at the Pukapuka Hostel.  

  • Notice of the meeting will be advertised by email, radio and newspaper at least 14 days in advance
  • The voting for the new Board of Trustees of the Palmerston Hostel will take place at the AGM
  •  Voters must be present at the AGM in order to vote. Please encourage family members to attend.

3c. Nomination forms

  •  Nomination forms can be picked up from Nane at the USP Office in Takamoa.
  • Please refer to the nomination form at the end of these minutes. Copies of the nomination form are available from Nane @ USP and must be signed by both the candidate nominee and the person nominating the candidate.
  • Completed nomination forms can be returned to a sealed box at USP, or delivered to the Electoral Officer before the start of the AGM on February 12.
  • The Elections will be conducted by the Electoral Officer, Heather Webber-Aitu.

3d. Criteria for nominees:

  • Nominees must be over the age of 20 years and must not have had any prior convictions.
  • Nominees must live on the island of Rarotonga and be prepared to attend regular meetings and to be actively involved in fundraising events
  • Nominees must sign the nomination form to indicate their preparedness to be active members of the Palmerston Building project and their commitment to completing this project by June 2015 (or earlier)

4. AOB:

Many thanks to our regional family leaders who are keeping this project alive in their family areas - Howie (Hamilton), Nga (Auckland), Grace (Wellington), Walter (he’s basically got NZ covered at the moment), Mareta (Taranaki and West Auckland), Maryanne (Napier - Hastings) and others who haven’t even notified us yet.  We wouldn’t be able to do this project without the enthusiasm that everyone is sharing for this project. As soon as the design is finalised and the costings are created, then we will have a final fundraising target to reach in order to finally get the hostel up and running.  We can do this if we work together. If you have any photos of family fundraisers in your area, please put them on Facebook so that we too can share the fun.


The next meeting of the family committee will be at the Annual General Meeting on

Wednesday 12 February 2014, 7pm, at the Pukapuka Hostel.




Action items

By whom

By when


Contact with Heather Webber-Aitu regarding Aotearoa boundary

William P



Working bee at the Palmerston section on Weds 22 January at 5pm.


Weds Jan 22


Contact Heather Webber-Aitu regarding role as Electoral Officer at the AGM

Maureen H



Book Pukapuka Hall for Feb 12, for AGM

Arthur N



Notify Radio and CINews of advertisements for AGM (giving 14 days notice)

Linda and Nane

Before 26 Jan


Send email reminders for AGM - Place meeting minutes on the website

Maureen H

Before 26 Jan





Name of nominee:



Name of nominator:



Position applying for:


Please circle: Chair (1) , Secretary (1) , Treasurer (1),  Board member (2)

What skills does the nominee bring to the position:



Family line of nominee


Please circle:  Akakaingaro,  Tepou,  Matavia

Signature of nominee:



Completed forms can delivered to a sealed box @USP, or given to the Electoral Officer, Heather Webber-Aitu before the commencement of the AGM. The Electoral Officer will undertake the election at the Annual General Meeting, Wednesday February 12, at the Pukapuka Hall.  The election is by ballot only, so that voters must be at the meeting  in order to vote for each of the positions.